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Endpoint management / security

Any issues with your endpoints translate directly to your bottom line. Whether we are talking PC, Mac, Desktop, Laptop, iPhone or Android, the rules are the same:

They need to run an Anti-Malware (yes, even that Mac (yes, even that iPhone and that Android))
They need to be up to date (Operating System, Software, Firmware and Anti-Malware)

Now the question is: do you just put the “auto update” on and forget about it, or do you regularly review reports to ensure the things you think are happening are actually happening? You can guess where we stand, if you cannot verify it, it did not happen. Don’t want to read all those reports? Don’t worry, we have a Managed Services for that.

We recommend a mix of the following tools:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • IBM MaaS360
  • TrendMicro Worry-Free
  • SonicWall Capture Client
  • Wandera

Get started today, contact us to setup an appointment or just give us a call and we will be happy to help you select the right ones for your environment and get your protected ASAP so you can relax (and it’s probably cheaper than you think).