You know what’s in your environment (Identify) and you’ve deployed defenses (Protect). But is it working? Gone are the days of passive cybersecurity where you could consider yourself fully protected after deploying a firewall and an anti-malware agent. Today’s world calls for active cybersecurity.

Detect is about monitoring what’s happening. All those tools you have deployed can tell you something, if you know how to listen. At the very least, you must get regular reports from all the tools to confirm they are up to date and active. Ideally, you want to centralize all those logs and correlate them to identify hidden attack patterns.

Want to review all those logs, but don’t have time or the expertise?

Talk to us about Security as a Service. We will keep an expert eye on things for you and let you know if we see anything that requires action

Want to correlate all those logs together, but don’t want to deploy your own platform?

Talk to us about our SIEM as a Service and get started today. (SIEM = Security Information and Event Management)

You can find more information about the Detect Phase of the Five Functions of NIST here.