This is certainly not our favorite topic of discussion, but it needs to be addressed.

The reality is that at some point in time, a cyber breach will probably happen, and you will need to recover from it. Anyone telling you they can ensure it never happens is lying to you, or to themselves.

The most important part is to be ready.

You need to have air-gapped backups that cannot be altered by you or your employees.

Talk to us about why using a cloud backup solution is safer than running your own

You need to have a plan to get that data back and recover you core services.

Talk to us about our Disaster Recovery as a Service and why it can help you recover faster

You have tested the plan and know it works.

Talk to us about our Managed Services where we will test the plan for you or with you

You can find more information about the Recover Phase of the Five Functions of NIST here.