Optimizing Cloud-to-Cloud Connection

Founded in Australia in 2013 Megaport's mission is to give their customers greater simplicity, control and choice over how they connect to the services, applications, providers and networks they need for their business. Using hybrid cloud architecture Megaport optimizes cloud-to-cloud connections seamlessly and securely, allowing you to bring data anywhere you want, easily and affordably.

Megaport leverages a complex infrastructure to offer its users:

  • Simplicity: an easy-to-use platform allows you to manage everything in one place by linking all your cloud-based apps and products together

  • Speed: fast connectivity across a multi-region network ensures you can work anytime, anywhere

  • Control: with centralized management and the option to adapt your bandwidth to suit your needs, Megaport is cost-effective and secure

If you are future-focused business looking to streamline, optimize and improve your workflow, give us a call today and we will be happy to recommend the best solutions for your needs.