Inventory & Monitor Infrastructures (Datacenters Security)

Protecting datacenters is challenging, but good protection is essential. Considering 19,000 global businesses in more than 130 countries use their services, Qualys is the tried-and-tested security provider for us. The right partners and tools make your datacenter security easy to view, monitor and remedy.

  • Up-to-date IT asset inventory: everything in your datacenter is catalogued and updated

  • Finding and fixing bugs: easily remove any bugs that breach your datacenter

  • Continuous monitoring of network: changes in environment are quickly detected and you are alerted ASAP

  • Information on threats: threats are easy to prioritize, and most critical threats can be prioritized

  • Validate files: centrally logging file changes allows you to follow compliance standards

  • Monitor systems: flagging malware not caught by other systems

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