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Back in 2009, ALCiT’s founders Loïc Calvez and Mariano De Luca, were shocked to discover the differences between the great tools available to large enterprises and the ones available to small and medium organizations.

They came up with a model that would allow them to slice those great large-enterprise tools into smaller chunks, which could then be offered to SMEs (a concept now known as Software as a Service). They are now bringing the same expertise to cybersecurity tools.

ALCiT SOC 2 Certification:

A Testament to Our Commitment to Security

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ALCiT's achievement of SOC 2 certification is a significant milestone that demonstrates our relentless pursuit of cybersecurity excellence. This rigorous certification validates our commitment to the highest standards for data security, availability, and privacy. It showcases the effectiveness of our controls and our ongoing dedication to continuous improvement. By achieving SOC 2 certification, ALCiT assures clients that their data is protected with the utmost care.


Meet our Team

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Why choose us?

Cybersecurity is our specialty. We work with organizations of all sizes and we will use business terms when talk with you to make the right decisions for you, no geek-speak.


We have been working with organizations of all sizes for over 20 years.


We use enterprise tools, they are the best ones and we can make them work for you.


We pre-configured all tools to speed up deployment and help you get value faster.